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Activities in Corinthia

Corinth Canal Bungee jumping at the Corinth Canal

 Corinth Canal is one of the top 5 places in the world for bungee jumping. Try your adrenaline rush in a sensational location!

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Diving Diving

Diving is one of the most magical sports to choose from, especially in the area of Corinthia, which is fortunate to be surrounded by sea. The bottom is a world full of surprises! Another life unfolds, impressive, serene, lovely. Getting to know this so well hidden and remote place, far from our everyday life, where there’s only calmness and the light comes only from the life-giving rays of the sun, will take you on an exciting adventure. Explore the deep blue of the Corinthian Gulf and feel the magic of the undersea world

Crossing Corinth Canal Crossing Corinth Canal

Acrocorinth (Akrokórinthos) lies 3.5 kilometers south of Ancient Corinth. The ascent to the top of this impressive fortified hilltop (575 meters) is made easier by a road, which climbs to a point near the lowest gate on the west side. Acrocorinth was fortified in ancient times, and its defences were maintained and developed during the Byzantine, Frankish, Turkish, and Venetian periods, so that its walls now measure almost two kilometers in length. Within the fortress, a path leads to the highest point, to the former Temple of Aphrodite, which was converted into a mosque by the Ottoman Turks in the 16th century. From here, there are fine views of the Isthmus and the hills of the Peloponnese.

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Loutraki Thermal Spa Loutraki Thermal Spa

In a super modern space, we offer a unique experience to rejuvenate body and mind as well as relaxation and welfare with body and face treatments, with Loutraki’s world famous thermal water. Relax and enjoy the beneficial properties of the thermal waters of Loutraki. The brand new and fully equipped spas of the municipality await to welcome you!